Development Capabilities from scratch

Yachiyo has consistent development capabilities over the product development processes from the design phase in which customer needs for certain products are embodied as drawings and 3D designs to trial manufacturing, testing of requirements, manufacturing of prototypes and verification of productivity and mass production system as well as the development based on customer’s specifications.

Furthermore, through the involvement with development from the design feasibility phase in which parts for automobile manufacturers are envisioned and designed, Yachiyo understands not only its own automotive parts but also the whole vehicles, and develops automotive parts in view of automobile manufacturers.

"Humanity" Based on 3 Fields Principle

Yachiyo’s engineers have extensive knowledge and experience through involvement in all the processes from design and development to manufacturing, and Yachiyo promotes the development from a manufacturing viewpoint.

Yachiyo practices the thorough 3 fields principle from design to trial manufacturing, testing and manufacturing, and its engineers endeavor to improve technologies and product qualities by solving various problems upon observing the “actual things” “on-site” and recognizing the “actual situation”.

Ideas required during the R&D phase are created by human, not by the latest equipment and machines. Yachiyo enhances human resource development under the policies of “humans can develop their abilities on-site through works” and “create corporate cultures to make employees think by themselves”.

Pride as a manufacturer-"Challenging Force"

Each associate of Yachiyo has a strong will to provide customers with high quality products, and pursues the product quality.

Yachiyo has a firm pride as a manufacturer to challenge new things without compromising and fearing failure. This is the driving force of Yachiyo creating new ideas and new technologies to have world’s top class technologies.

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