Transition to New Scheme 

Based on the technologies accumulated by Yachiyo

In April 2012, Yachiyo established the Second R&D Division (Saitama R&D Center) to strengthen R&D capabilities toward the achievement of Yachiyo 2020 Vision “To become a true worldwide player with superior technologies and distinctive products”.

The Second R&D Division develops technologies to be utilized as the basis of innovative products, and the first R&D Division (Tochigi R&D Center) strengthens the development capabilities to create high quality and high value-added products, improves product qualities further and makes proposals to customers. With this new scheme, Yachiyo endeavors to establish top-level manufacturing QCD.

Development of Fuel Tanks and Sunroofs Having High Competitiveness

Conventionally, Yachiyo’s R&D division mainly designs, tests and researches various products ordered by customers such as fuel tanks and sunroofs for mass production. In recent years, in order to establish the bases as a global company, Yachiyo considers fuel tanks and sunroofs as a total system, and develops the total system of fuel tank from a fill opening to a tank body.

Furthermore, Yachiyo enhances proposals of new R&D and technologies toward the realization of self-supplying and self-manufacturing to design, develop and manufacture sub-parts mounted on these products.

Through the realization of self-supplying and self-manufacturing, Yachiyo will improve its technical capabilities, and at the same time, jointly develop materials with material manufacturers to create new products and attractive products.

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